Is Ace-nine, Or A-9, Suited Or Unsuited A Good Hand To Play? Find Out Here

Do you get frustrated with trying to find which hands really work playing Hold Em? Is Ace-Nine, or A-9, very effective in winning easily? Read on now to find out.

If you are reading this you probably know how important choosing the correct cards to play. The fact is, whether you have an Ace-Nine, or A-9, that is suited or unsuited, I would avoid playing it. Here’s why.

Why I Hate Ace-Nine, Or A-9, And Hate Playing It.

To me Ace-Nine, or A-9, is one of the sucker hands. It gets me and it probably get’s you. I hate Ace-Nine, or A-9, more than I despise other weak cards like 6-3 or 7-2. Why?

Because A-9 suckers you in. It is easy to get tricked by this little bugger. With seriously weak cards you know to fold, but Ace-Nine, even if it’s suited or unsuited, will tend to get you. Let me explain

1 – It’s just short of making straight.

A-10 can make a straight with only 3 cards (J+Q+K). A-9 is just short. So it kind of feels like it will help with a straight but in fact it won’t. You need 4 community cards to make the straight, which isn’t very good. If in fact the community did have 10+J+Q+K you would be in good running to win but the probability of this occurring is low.

2 – The Ace fools you.

Don’t get me wrong, Ace-Nine, or A-9, is a much better hand than some, but in fact it isn’t very good. The feeling of holding an ace, any ace for that matter, tricks your brain into thinking you have a stronger hand than you actually do. It is something about aces that do that to you.

3 – The 9 sucks.

This is the most painful part. The nine just doesn’t help at all. Come on, 10, J, Q, K are all better than it, plus, they are the most likely cards your opponent is going to be holding. The nine practically doesn’t even count as a kicker.

4 – An example of me being burned by an A-9

I played an Ace-Nine, or A-9 last night in fact. I was in a Sit N Go, mid-late game, sitting on the cutoff. Everyone checked round to me and I went for a blind steal, another player bet a little and I called. The flop came A-2-6. He checked, I bet, he called. Turn was 8 and the river was 2. I just placed my standard bet the whole way and he called each time. My opponent turns over A-Q. The A-9 burns me again.

I thought my opponent had pocket Kings or pocket Queens. I was wrong. The only thing that sat between me and victory was a strong kicker. And a 9 is not a strong kicker.

I’m sure as you are reading this you are wondering what other cards look good (even on the charts) but are in fact worse than the real worse cards. And you probably realize that if you avoided these sucker cards you would win more, and in fact they could be the reason you are losing but don’t know why. I’m sure you want to become a better poker player and win tournaments and money, so please, continue to research on these subjects because there are a lot more of these types of hands out there. Be careful…

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Common Poker Mistakes – 5 Tournament Mess-ups To Avoid

There are a few things you definitely don’t want to do in a tournament. Learn these common poker mistakes and win your next tournament easily.

Poker tournaments would have to be one of the funnest, grandest things in all of poker. The opportunity to pay a little and win a massive amount is second to none. Plus, the amount of experience you get playing poker tournaments is intense. You can become a very good poker player, for a very cheap amount, by playing a lot of tournaments.

But poker tournaments aren’t all fairies and ice-cream and a walk in the park. They are hard. They can be hard, if you make silly mistakes that are completely unavoidable. But there is one funny thing about the most common poker mistakes – a lot of people don’t even know they are doing them, or that they are bad.

Learn These Common Poker Mistakes And Never Have Another Mess-Up In A Tournament

Common Poker Mistakes For Tournaments #1

Tightening up too much when you feel the pressure. All this does is get’s you blinds stolen in the future. A tournament is a very delicate balance of tight and loose. Don’t get too tight and don’t get too loose.

Common Poker Mistakes For Tournaments #2

Telling or telegraphing the strength of your hand. Well, of course this is bad, but it’s more widespread in tournament’s than you think. I think it’s because when in a tournament players want to say ‘Look at me, I’m good’ and do it when they have a good hand.

Common Poker Mistakes For Tournaments #3

This goes hand in hand with the next mistake of not bluffing enough. By not bluffing, you are effectively telegraphing you hands all the time. Bluffs are a critical part

Common Poker Mistakes For Tournaments #4

Massive mistake in a tournament: taking on a blind defender for no good reason. It’s great to steal blinds but not from defenders. They just eat up your chips and pull you done. Don’t take them on without a good reason, i.e. good cards!

Common Poker Mistakes For Tournaments #5

This is the worst of the mistakes. Not sticking to your plan. When you play in a tournament you need to have a plan. And you need to stick to it. Veering of course is how you end up in disaster.

These common tournament poker mistakes are everywhere. I am sure you are aware that you did at least one of the in your last tournament.

By now you are probably realizing that the secret to getting good a poker tournaments is researching and learning what to do and more importantly, what not to do. If you begin to experience a feeling of curiosity and intrigue for learning new ways of winning poker than you will most definitely become a great poker player. And every time you have an opportunity to learn more about poker and do not take it, you will become a worse poker player because someone else will learn that and beat you.

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Common Poker Mistakes To Make When Playing Loose Aggressive

Are you worried that the reason you can’t get a loose aggressive style to work is because you are doing something inherently wrong? Review these common poker mistakes now to find out.

If you can see yourself playing a great game of poker, always making the correct moves and taking the pot repeatedly over and over, the only strategy that will ever make this a reality is a loose aggressive strategy. That’s because it’s the only way to be able to be in a large amount of pots.

The problem is, the combination of betting a lot of money whilst holding cards that aren’t very strong is kind of like tightrope walking without a safety net – absolutely great if everything goes fine, but it’s all over if something goes wrong.

The good news is I’m about to outline the 3 biggest mistakes players make when utilising this strategy. And I’d argue these three count for most failures in this this area:

Common Poker Mistakes 1 – Getting Too Loose (And Too Fast)

Playing absolutely shocking cards far to often is a tell-tale sign this loose aggressive player is going down the drain soon. Playing like this might work for a while but it’s just not sustainable.

Likewise, getting way too loose way to fast will cause a similar problem. When you sit down at a table and play too loose straight away you get an image of a loose cannon and no player will ever respect your bets from then on – in other words, you’ll lose practically all your pull at the table.

Common Poker Mistakes 2 – Playing With Nothing

A lot of players will take loose as a free-for-all ticket to play whatever they want, or continue to play when they have nothing post-flop. Sorry to crash the party guys, but this is a bluff, not playing loose.

Loose is playing less than optimal hole cards (from a probabilty point of view). E.g 5-6 or a pair of 3’s. But the aim is to actually pick up a nice hand, such as a straight or a set. Sure it doesn’t happen all the time but there is an underlying plan there.

Common Poker Mistakes 3 – Forgetting Your Brain Or Wallet

This is an interesting one (well two) that gets a lot of players. The fact is, playing loose aggressive requires a strong mind and a strong bankroll. If you don’t enter with the correct mindset and maintain that mindset you will soon end up losing by making a mistake, changing your strategy mid-game and just all over not being consistent.

Likewise, if you don’t have the bankroll or stacksize to support you over the bumpy pot-holes that can occur on the road to success playing loose you might not ever recover from a nasty loss and that will be the end of that.

No that you know the 3 most common poker mistakes that get loose aggressive players and you are surely aware that you are now better than 90% of the players out there who didn’t know this, which is great. And you are probably realizing that the whole reason you are better than any player at all is because of what you know – what you have learnt.

Learning and finding out new and useful information on how to play poker better is critical to success. As you are reading this I am sure you are experiencing a keen sense of curiosity and desire to learn or why else would you have come to this article. So please, harness this feeling of curiosity and continue to get your hands on any new information you can. Because every time you find some new information and learn it you will become a better poker player.

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The Top Secret To A Successful Texas Poker Strategy Revealed

There is a single top secret to any successful Texas Poker strategy. You need this if you ever want to become successful at poker. Don’t miss out on it now.

No matter who you are, whether you are brand new to poker, know the rules but haven’t played much, whether you’ve been practicing for a while or are already a seasoned player, the fact that you are reading this means that you, like me, want to know what the true secret is to any successful poker strategy.

And with all the research I’ve done, the countless hours spent on playing poker, reading books, learning, and more recently writing about all my findings, I literally only came across this secret just 10 minutes ago whilst reading a new book. It was so profound and amazing that I just had to jump on my computer and tell anyone I could about it. Because this secret just changed my whole life right then, and my whole existence of what I thought poker was about, and I’m about to change yours too.

But first, before I reveal the secret to a successful Texas Poker straetgy to you right now, I want to cover off a very important point which you need to understand before you learn it, so that you will completely, 100% get the underlying message in it, and that will absolutely change your whole perception of poker, and explode your ability and success in poker in the future.

The thing is, if you aren’t yet experiencing all the success you would like in poker, if you aren’t making the money you want to, or if you are having troubles dealing with decisions and poker play that you would like to be very capable of handling easily, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault you aren’t currently experiencing what you want to because the Texas Poker strategy that you currently have isn’t working.

This is very crucial to understand and I know you are realizing that the poker strategy you are using is 100% responsible for all your success. That’s why you can take a complete dunce at poker and give them a working strategy, and they will win. And likewise you can take a champion poker player, and if you made them use a strategy that doesn’t work they would lose too, correct?

So this point is very important and I’m sure you are very aware of it now and how it relates to you. Now I’m going to reveal and explain that super top secret point I just learnt only 15 minutes ago. This is brand new, cutting edge info here right here. Read it very carefully and read it more than once: The way you improve your Texas Poker strategy is not by finding answers, it is by finding questions.

Now I know right now you are experiencing an amazing state of shock and awe, just like I did, and you are also realizing all the powerful ways this single little secret is going to change you whole poker game in the future. I’m sure you are aware of the success you will now achieve you have just learnt this essential piece of information, and how it is going to change the whole way you approach your Texas Poker strategy.

And for that reason I’m going to give you right now a crucial support mechanism that is going to help you create the most powerful questions you need. You’ll need to first realize that as you are now learning new and powerful information that will support your future success it is important to be aware that your curiosity and intrigue was what has got you to this point, and by constantly experiencing a feeling of curiosity and the willingness to learn you will get to your ultimate goals a lot faster.

So please continue to experience the feeling of intense curiosity – the feeling that makes you want to get your hands on anything and everything that will teach you more about poker – and follow on and act on those thoughts. Because if you do you will become successful in poker. And every time you turn away and do not act to find out more you will become a worse poker player.

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Advanced Poker Strategy – The Independent Chip Model Explained

The independent chip model is an advanced poker strategy that can be utilised in a tournament to establish an idea of your overall risk.

Incorporating the use of the independent chip model into your advanced poker strategy is both easy and useful. Many players think that extremely advanced poker strategies are hard to use however this one is very simple once you have learnt it.

What Is The ICM?

The independent chip model is an advanced poker strategy whereas you calculate a dollar value for each chip. But I thought chips already have dollar values? Well, not really.

In a tournament you will get a number of chips and these have values, i.e. 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. But these don’t really mean anything they are just placeholders to bet with. You might have only paid $100 entrance fee for the tournament for example.

So How Does The ICM Work?

What the independent chip model does is use a mathematical model to calculate the players overall equity in a tournament. This can also be used to determine the risk of any bet or series of bets at a pot, and the real value of a pot win.

Using the independent chip model you use your stack size – how many chips you have – to determine your likelihood of achieving a result (like 1st, 2nd or 3rd) and then that probability is multiplied by the prize amount for that position. These numbers can be added to gain your overall equity and from this info you can also do additional calculations for bets and pot sizes etc.

Is The Independent Chip Model Useful?

Although this is an advanced poker strategy, I really think that the independent chip model can be useful in a way. It is not useful at all in respects to critical areas of poker which will have a more direct effect on your own outcome in a tournament. But, it can be useful to get an idea of how much you a really putting on the line or where you really stand in the grand scheme of things.

If you have the time and desire then sure, go check out this advanced poker strategy and research the independent chip model. But don’t expect it to miraculously turn you into a great poker player overnight. If anything it will just make you sound more sophisticated to your poker buddies – which is always a good thing!

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