Strategies For Texas Hold Em – What Is A Tag Strategy And Is It Good?

TAG, LAG, PAG – these terms can get confusing. Quite annoying isn’t it? Well read this article now to learn what TAG is, plus some extra points.

If you don’t know what TAG is, it doesn’t matter. The very fact you are reading this and learning new strategies for Texas Hold Em indicates you will become a successful poker player because those that study and learn new strategies are likely to become winners.

If you want to earn a lot of money playing poker then just continue researching new and powerful strategies for Texas Hold Em and you will be well on your way.

Cut To The Chase – What’s TAG?

TAG stands for Tight Aggressive. It is a very powerful strategy the involves playing good, solid cards, and betting aggressively when you do enter a pot. It is probably THE best poker strategy for a new player and many top players utilise it at times to fortify their game.

So Why is It So Good?

TAG is absolutely great for the following reasons

– It reduces your losses because you only play cards that have a high chance of winning
– It increases your wins because you are playing cards that are likely to win
– It magnifies those wins because you bet aggressively when you do play, so the pot gets big
– It also helps you win more because you may win from everyone folding because you bet aggressively

Are Their Any Drawbacks?

There aren’t any major drawbacks. The only problem with TAG is sometimes you have to wait a while to get dealt good hole cards. You might spend a lot of time just folding and not actually playing. Some players find this boring and want more action – there are different strategies for Texas Hold Em for those players.

Some extra points here. If you are playing tournament play TAG can be a killer because you could spend you whole time waiting for good cards and end up being out-gunned. Likewise, in cash games you could lose a small amount from the blinds you have to post when that comes around (but I’ve found the next time you win that will more than make up for it).

In conclusion, TAG is definitely a good strategy. Try it, practice it, master it, and you will be able to sit down at almost any poker table and walk away profitable. That is really a requirement if you want to play poker as your lifestyle and be able to support yourself just from your winnings.

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