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Poker tournaments are maybe the most famous worldwide, whenever it comes down to table games; one of these tournaments, is the well-known World Poker Tour (WPT) created on the United Status. The WPT is a series of Texas Holdem having place in different locations worldwide, but mainly in the US. Its broadcasting has set up a sudden poker boom all over American homes, casinos and the Internet. The key sponsors of the WPT are casinos and websites. The program, which syndicates World Wide, is co-presented by Mike Sexton, who has won the World Series of Poker and the actor Vince Van Patten. Shana Hiatt exercised as host during its three first seasons. Courtney Friel substituted her as host for the whole fourth season, and Sabina Gadecki over fifth. Layla Kaileigh and Kimberly Lansingstarted up as hosts during the sixth season.

Thanks to the wealth of UK casinos is that new casinos have risen in the scene; several can be seen located near London. You can also see some other around other metropolis. In Sheffield, a new complex was recently inaugurated , which hada an investment of approximately 1.5 million pounds sterling: we are talking about the Napoleons casino and restaurant. This is a complex located in Eccelesall Road. For its opening its been traed tos set up a thematic event in which all of its employees will wear French-like clothes, there will be many special shows going on and plenty of attractions.

The opening day will also be inaugurated the poker room which promises to be warm and top-notch. For its opening, the room will held a poker tournament for charity; all the funds gathered at the event will be destined to the Weston Park Hospital. As you will see, these casinos situation has changed and even more from some months on, when the only thing heard about casinos was that they were closing.

Every year holds the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), the major series of online tournaments worldwide, and the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), which consists of three levels and an event for each kind of placer. Do you feel like playing, or trying your hands at any of these options?

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