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When youre new and need to learn to play Texas Hold Em, youll be looking for the place that gives you the most privacy. You might think that just because youre not absolutely smooth and knowledgeable, that you shouldnt take part in a game. Dont be shy its the hottest card game in decades and theres always someone handy who is willing to teach you how to learn to play Texas Hold Em. Its rather like learning to swim you cant do it on the shore. You have to wade in and take part, maybe sink a couple of times and come up sputtering, but youll get the hang of it.

You can begin by watching television, just to get into the atmosphere of the pros. There are televised and recorded games available most times of the day and night on several of the cable channels. The best part is, you can watch them in rerun a hundred times and still pick up on something you missed before. Its an ongoing learning experience. Youll see an odd collection of folks, from every walk of society. There are those who come to the table with high IQs, those who come with a need to earn a great deal of money and those who come just because they have a reputation to protect. They will wear champion bracelets, sunglasses, hoodies and any variety of expressions from aloof to friendly and open. Dont let them intimidate you; by the time you reach that level you will have your own cool down pat.

When you return to reality, you might check out a totally unique multimedia ebook from www.learn-hold-em-poker.com. Its set up with an on-your-shoulder tutor who has been out there in the real poker world, from home games to the Vegas neon. From within the book youll sample a pro game and learn insider tips from someone who started out just like you when they were new to the game. These are the most valuable lessons because like you, he didnt come into the game with pocketfuls of money to lose. Each lesson cost dearly.

Theres also a lot to learn by dealing your own game. Just find a dining room table and deal out 4-6 players worth of cards. Move from seat to seat and play each players hand. Youll learn to play the odds and develop some great card-handling skills at the same time. It keeps your focus on the game instead of reading other players. Its also not intimidating because theres no one to snicker when you fold or tease you when you called instead of raising the bid.

There are also quite a few websites online where you can play for free while you get your feet wet. Here you can watch peoples play and calculate their strategy without having their face-to-face intimidation.

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J.P. Jones invites you to discover the best ways to learn to play Texas Hold em and advance your Hold’em poker game at http://learn-hold-em-poker.com. You’ll find everything you need to dominate your competitors and hold your own in any Texas Hold’em game.

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