A Peek At The Technical Aspects Of Cybertech Poker Software: Compatible, International, Protected An

Cybertechs poker software seems to be a grand business venture if you look at it using our website. Its a grand accumulation of hard work and gaming passion all rolled up into a poker software meant to deliver the whole poker gaming experience to users PCs. But does it still fare well in the departments most businessmen and entrepreneurs worry about? Lets see if its compatible, international, and secure.

Cybertechs poker software client would run well on any adequately hardware endowed PC installed with Windows XP or higher. The client also runs on the Wine emulation layer which can be sued to run the client on a Mac or Linux PC. Mac or Linux users can indeed run the client on their PCs, though only with some guidance.

The downloadable client is fully translatable to most widely used languages and has had extensive support built in for internationalization. Unicode UTF8 format was used in all text through external translation files (rules like how to write ordinals, i.e.: 1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on; and currency formats can also be specified). Time and date formats follow the Windows settings in the client computers, while support for Chinese, Korean, and other non-alphabetic languages is also implemented, though with some restrictions. Right now, only left to right writing is supported; if the need arises, support for bi-directional writing can be added.

Servers are protected from DDoS attacks by specially prepared and secured proxy servers that forward traffic between clients and servers. In this manner, the real IP addresses of the actual servers are never known to the players. These proxy servers can be placed in varying locations and can share the load of a potential DDoS attack while forwarding only authentic data to and from the clients and actual servers. The poker software client recognizes the proxy setup, thus it can intelligently switch between any given proxy servers depending on the latency and the load to be handled, this is often without hassling the game or the players in it. The number of proxy servers up and running and their respective locations determines the strength of DDoS attack that can be met effectively. New proxies, if needed, can be configured and up and running in short notice.

Transaction Security
All currency within the system is handled by transaction-based bank system built on top of the database with stored processes that guarantees fully traceable and foolproof handling of all concerned assets. These assets are all kept in accounts that only through atomic transactions can be modified from an account to another. Full documentation of all transactions are logged and saved indefinitely. This ensures the system can trace back the movements of every cent years later. Transactions are saved and handled in real-time all the time, making certain of correct amounts on every account even in the unlikely event of a server crash or any similar catastrophic event. Furthermore, this bank system also supports credits and credit limits, as well as reservation of funds in each separate account.

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