Free Facebook Poker Chips

Online games have caught the imagination of one and all. The way people are addicted to it is there to see. It is not that only the young ones are hooked to it. Even the elder ones are not to be left behind. You will often see executives in multi national firms following these games in such a way that there life depends upon it. The fever of such online games is so high that you will often find people talking about it at workplaces also.

One of the most popular online games is the Facebook Poker. Facebook has incorporated these online games and have attained great success in them. Millions of facebook fans are hooked on to it. In fact many of them use facebook just to play these games online. Such is the madness for these games. The Facebook poker is one of the most widely played games. It is a virtual poker game where in the player plays, as he would have in a real scenario. The rules of the game are similar to the original poker game with the only difference being on the poker chips availability. In real life you have to purchase them. But here you get a few poker chips on sign up. Then you can earn the chips by playing the games there.

You can also buy facebook poker chips from the facebook account. But generally players are on the look out of getting free facebook poker chips. Have you ever asked yourself, Where to get free facebook poker chips? One of the best ways is to add more and more friends or buddies in the game. The more friends you add the more chips you get. So players keep sending request their friend list to add them to the game. The other way is to enter the in games raffles daily. You can purchase tickets here and if you are lucky you will be able to earn many poker chips here. Regularity is the key to be able to get more facebook poker chips daily.

If you enter your facebook poker account daily you are sure to earn a few poker chips. Hence even you if you not in the mood of playing poker just simply enter to be able to earn the free facebook poker chips. So what are you waiting for? Just log in everyday on to your facebook poker account and invite as many friends as possible and without even realizing you will a number of extra chips in your account and that too, all for free.

Facebook users can invite their friends to install and play the poker application, and each time this happens a 2000-chip bonus gets placed into the one who referred the new players account. Taking Facebook-sponsored surveys online is another way to accumulate free Facebook poker chips, while giving the advertisers that sponsor the Facebook application something to smile about as their marketing reaches all the people using Facebook quite efficiently. There are daily lotteries for anybody who logs into their Facebook poker account that will give away free chips randomly, and every time a milestone achievement is made (for instance, if you win a hand with a Royal Flush you will win that particular achievement) will net you a pre-determined amount of chips as well.

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There are no websites that you will find free facebook poker chips, or people who post you messages in the chat to enter some site for double bonus or to get this facebook pokerchips for free, all this are phishing sites and can compromise your account so be aware of this, best way of getting them for free is entering the app, do challenges, play and invite more friends.

Poker Hand Rankings Basics

The assumption has to be made here that the reader understands how to play poker games. Plus, to be successful knowing how to play online poker means that you must know the basics. Poker is a lot easier on the mind and heart when you happen to be one of those individuals who always seems to be lucky, but you must believe that the top poker pros are winning consistently because they know how tread the cards before o play poker online. Any experienced player will tell you that to be successful is going to call upon all the skill you can muster along with all the strategy you can create as well as learning how to read the cards before you.

Starting From the Weakest End Up

Many newcomers fail to understand that poker hands ranking is key to creating a viable game strategy. Is extremely important that everyone playing again does the correct poker hands order, and is presented here starting with the weakest hand:

* High card there are four suits with an equal number of cards right from the lowest at two up to the highest which is the Ace. Knowing which court in your hand is the highest is very important when it comes to such activities as a showdown. Is an example where two players have a pair of Jacks each. One player has a 7, 8 and a 10 as well the other player has a King, 4 and a 2. This player has a pair of Jacks but the King kicker. His hand beats the other one because that player only has a 10 because his kicker; the King is higher than the 10. Also, although it doesn’t happen often, a hand with a high card can win a round when no one has at least a pair.

* One Pair this is to cards of the same number right along with three cards having no connection to the others. An example would be having a hand where there are 7 7 54 2. his hand represents a pair of 7s with a 5 kicker.

* Two Pairs the name is what describes the hand and she would have two pairs of cards one pair with a number and another pair with the different number. An example would be J 10 J 4 10. This hand has a pair of Jacks and a pair of 10s. The kicker here is pretty terrible being a 4, but it is a kicker

* Three of a Kind is a good poker hands ranking since the odds of getting three cards of the same number ranking are less than the above. An example would be 5 5 5 2 K. A kicker is not applicable with this gun and since no one could match the 5s.

* Straight is five cards winding up in sequential order. For example, 6 7 8 9 10. Suit does not matter in a straight, however if you’re straight is all the same suit, then it is a much stronger hand called a straight flush. The strength of a straight is based on the top card, keeping in mind that 2 is at the week end.

* Flush is five cards of the same suit. These can be any five cards and do not have to be in order, which would be the referenced above straight flush. However, if two players have a flush of each, the one with the highest card would win the hand.

* Full house is three cards of the same value accompanied by a pair. The three card value will determine the hands strength. For example, 8 8 8 4 4 beats 7 7 7 4 4.

* Four of a kind is four cards with the same value plus any other card. Remember Ace is the strongest.

* Straight flush is five sequential cards of the same suit as described above. However, the strongest and best possible when it comes to poker hands order is known as a Royal flush with Ace as the high card flowing down to a 10.

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If you learn how to play online poker, you might come up with that winning Royal Flush when you know the basics of poker hand rankings.

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